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      Independent Strategic Analysis of Australia’s Global Interests

      Leading Strategic Research on Australia’s Future

      Future Directions International (FDI) is an independent, not-for-profit Research Institute. It was established in 2000, by Major General (Retd) the Honourable Michael Jeffery (former Governor General of Australia) together with a small group of leading Australians, to conduct comprehensive research of important medium to long-term issues facing Australia.

      I personally ask you to consider a donation to FDI which will allow the institute?to continue?research?of vital importance to Australia and future generations of Australians.

      Patron’s Welcome ???? ? Watch Delivery of Report to Minister ???? ?Watch ‘The Founder’ Interview

      Latest Publications

      30 September 2021

      The marshalling of alliances in the Indo-Pacific region has rung the bell for the commencement of a New Cold War. Even though the United States and China must not fail to manage their rivalry, it is imperative to develop a clear understanding of the dangers and consequences of any possible New Cold War, including of the pitfalls for the allies of both the global powers.

      News from the CEO

      • 8 September 2021
        What’s Next?

        On 9 September, Foreign Minister Marise Payne and Defence Minister Peter Dutton begin a four-country Indo-Pacific tour for 2+2 ministerial meetings with their counterparts from Indonesia, India, South Korea and the United States.

      • 11 August 2021
        What’s Next?

        The inaugural South Africa-Kenya Joint Commission of Co-operation, led by the Foreign Ministers of both countries, wraps up in Nairobi on 11 August. Indonesia will mark its seventy-sixth Independence Day on 17 August.

      • 12 July 2021
        What’s Next?

        One thousand troops from Rwanda will begin a three-month deployment to Mozambique from 15 July in response to a request from Maputo for assistance in countering the Islamist insurgency in the gas-rich northern province of Cabo Delgado.

      • 18 June 2021
        What’s Next?

        Iranian voters will elect their country’s next president on 18 June, while Ethiopians will go to the polls in federal and regional council elections on 21 June.


      Discover key interviews and papers on some of the most contemporary topics in our region.


      FDI on Twitter

      FDI_org @FDI_org
      While the world’s first “climate change famine” continues unabated, the Madagascan Government’s ambitious infrastru… https://t.co/3sciV4AuCD
      Apart from discussion of connectivity projects and Afghanistan, the recent SCO Summit also gave India and China an… https://t.co/SRfd7lVQBV

      Independent and Informed Advice for the Future

      Access comprehensive research on Australia's long-term challenges by leading contributors.

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